Testing as a Service

All the organizations attract and retain customers through evolving customer centric, multi interface, complex products and processes; then it becomes imperative that Quality and Time to Market (TTM) becomes prime. However, tighter budgets means availability of right people ONLY at right time makes more sense and this makes testing challenging.

In such an environment, not only the right people, it is also the right strategy; plan, tools and processes will help in reduction of costs and faster TTM.

What can we do?

Work with you to formulate your test strategy, best practices, tools and processes.
We can help you to plan different test types, as per the project Plan, adding value to project with each testing type.

We can test for you
o Functional testing
o Regression testing
o Load/ Stress testing
o Performance and Benchmark testing
o Beta testing
How do we do?

We work with you and understand;
o Business Process - Understand process flow (what is digitized, what is automated, what is what in your end to end flow)
o Domain and functional flow/inter-dependencies
o Technical landscape - Details of technical integrations, software block interactions, technical architecture for inter layer communication
o Project/Development/Integration plan - Sequencing the types of relevant
We do this by engaging testing activities for your organization as a service provider (right team ONLY at right time). We also can work with you on different engagement models, as the need arises.

Why We?

We have different engagement models (Fixed, Pay As You Go) with test ready teams, with domain skills in Insurance, Media, HealthCare, Mobility and IoT.